St John’s Chapel

St John's Chapel Town HallThe village of St John’s Chapel sits between Daddry Shield and Ireshopeburn in Weardale. Originally a hamlet collected around the former ‘Chapel of Ease’ for Stanhope, the village grew along with many others during the height of the lead and fluorspar mining industries in the region.

The church is a sweet little place with a historic pipe organ and unusual as its main internal features are four large Georgian stone pillars and a small romanesque arch to the chancel.

The village is centred around a green area with the church and Town Hall and a selection of shops which includes a reasonable Coop store. There is also a Post Office, two pubs and a café and Primary School and is surrounded by farmland. There are some good walks around the village, a little less challenging than some of the hill walks around, such as this one on the ThisIsDurham website.

The village is served by a bus in summer. The Weardale extension railway, an industrial line serving the local mineral industries was opened up to here in 1895, though has been closed since 1963.


  • Coop food store
  • Post Office and gift shop
  • Chatterbox Café

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