Nenthead, Cumbria

There isn’t a great deal to say about Nenthead and you’d probably not remark much on the way through on the A689, apart from the spectacular views from pretty much anywhere in the village. The

The village was first purpose-built industrial village in England, built by the Quaker owned London Lead Company in 1704. In this humble village laid the foundations for today’s social welfare system with a free lending libary and compulsory schooling for all children. The mines grew to the heyday in the mid 1870s and the mining of Zinc continued commercially until 1961.

There is a very decent pub/restaurant in the Miners Arms which is worth the trip for lunch or dinner. If you are after Cycle hire, then North Pennine Cycles is in the village; you can call ahead of your visit to Terrace Cottage and arrange hire on 01434 381324.

There is also the Nenthead Mines, which is run by a conservation group, and will be open for one Sunday a month for tours into the underground workings. You can see the opening schedule for 2014 here.

Nearby is the Miniature village:



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