Online Groceries Shopping

We’re often asked, ‘where’s the best place for shopping in Weardale?’ Unless Delivered to your dooryou plan to eat out for every meal during your holiday, you will need some groceries – at least for the first day or so. You can bring it all with you, though some perishable items are probably best picked up nearer Rookhope to keep them fresh. You can also of course get it all delivered.

So why not order what you need on-line and arrange for it to be delivered just after you’ve arrived? You can place an order on-line with any one of the following stores to be delivered at a time to suit you.

When ordering you will need the full address including postcode; you can contact us for that at any time but it will be provided to you when we send you directions and keycode instructions a few weeks before your holiday.

Online Shopping

Sainsburys Sainsbury’s – we understand that Sainsbury’s deliver to Rookhope but only up until noon on Saturdays and not on Sundays – Click here to place an order.
asda ASDA we understand that Asda deliver to Rookhope. Click here to place an order.Asda have a policy of using local suppliers where possible, so although they are one of the ‘giants’ of retailing, they do try to still support the local community to a degree.
Tesco Tesco – we understand that Tesco deliver to Rookhope. Click here to place an order.
 shop online at waitrose Waitrose – we understand that Waitrose deliver to Rookhope. Click here to place an order.

Local shops

If you want to get your own shopping the main supermarkets are available in nearby towns, and about 11 miles or so away; there is a reasonable Coop store in Stanhope which is just 4 miles or so away.

See the Shopping page for more details


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