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Over the last year Electric Bike Network has been working hard to set up this innovative new scheme for both locals and visitors alike. Ten hire points give you plenty of options for starting points across Weardale and Teesdale and there is plenty to see on the way around the North Pennines.

North Pennine Electric Bike Hire

One of the obvious benefits is that for non-cyclists, it gives the opportunity to see so much more of the scenery over the walls and hedges without getting worn out!

All of the suggested routes are within the battery capacity of our electric bikes and which follow the quietest roads with the most stunning views. Here’s a starter route ideal for our guests at Terrace Cottage you can download that pdf map starting at Rookhope, Weardale Communtiy Transport or Chatterboz Café – Length: 32 km/ 20 miles

You can hire bikes from several places from Teesdale to Allendale:

Electric Bike hire in North Pennines

You can see more on their website: electricbikenetwork.org.uk

Charging Points

County Durham