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breakfast at Terrace CottageThis summer has certainly been one of the best so far in the Northern Pennines, feeling a bit like those endless hot summers from our schooldays! Here’s hoping that we’ve got a few more weeks of this to come.

Its always a treat to take some time out and just enjoy the world around us and the last few weeks have been perfect for that, whether striving for that cairn on a long moorland walk or just enjoying the peace of the summer afternoon with a nice cuppa or sipping something long and cool outside a pub or café.

We’ve had a few moments like that, though as Terrace Cottage has been pretty busy so far this season they’ve been just a few. We had the pleasure of enjoying a leisurely breakfast on our terrace just listening to the Bolt’s Burn trickling down the valley below us. Adding the calls of the Curlews and Black Grouse in the hills made for an amazing soundtrack.

We also had a lovely lunch at Chatterbox Café in St John’s Chapel recently in fabulous sunshine with great coffee and really tasty Panini and sandwiches.Wedding car in St Johns Chapel

To add to the enjoyment we were able to witness a wonderful Weardale wedding, from seeing initial guests arriving and looking very much over-dressed among the farm and village folk out shopping – to the final arrival of the groom in his RAF uniform and then bride arriving in style in a beautifully polished green Land Rover!

Cameron seems to have got the recipe just right here – there’s plenty of other great cafés along the valley so its good to see all of them thriving. It gives us more home made cakes to sample! We’ve tried to list as many as possible in the Cafés page on the Terrace Cottage website.

Long may this summer continue so we can keep welcoming visitors to the beauty of Weardale.