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Started early this morning as the sun seemed to be showing promise to appear despite it hovering around the freezing point. Looking out over the North Pennine hills you could see the crust of rime everywhere, and an almost palpable silence that hung in the air. Birds were starting to stir and we can hear the call of the Curlew and Lapwing appearing now in the moors around us.Rookhope Morning

Rookhope is a quiet village most of the time but with the almost completely still air, the slightest sound from across the valley was magnified so the sheep bleating across on the far side of Lintzgarth were easily heard. Curlew were finding their voices properly and even the occasional cackle from the Black Grouse edged in.

As the sun rose to colour the valley sides, the morning contest between the cockerels in the gardens below us was starting to lift in vigour. There was the sound of weekend work coming up from workshops in the buildings on the site of the old Bolt’s Burn mine; you can see the old roadways laid out for the extensive railways that used to run along the Rookhope valley a century ago.

Bolt's Burn in the March morningIt looked like it would be a perfect day for walking to explore more of that – however, there was work to do to get the Terrace Cottage ready for our next visitors. So today has been spent fitting doors which is a real challenge in a building this age. None of the frames are square so its a real case of trial and error to cut to size properly.

One of Gill’s favourite parts of our cottage industry is making it just right for guests; we like to make sure its the kind of place we’d like to visit! So, there’s usually a few treats left ready and the heating on to make the place proper inviting.

The new cushions for the double bedroom set off pretty nicely against the crisp white duvet cover:Double Bedroom

Double bedLog fireAs it was, we did get a chance for a little relaxation later in the day and its always nice on a chilly evening to fire up the logburner and open a bottle to share.

So, if you like the look of the place and would like to stay, you can see prices and booking information on the Your Accommodation page – or give us a call on 0191 290 1541

Chris Tradgett